Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students

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Traumatic or adverse experiences are pervasive among school-aged children and youth. Trauma undermines students’ ability to learn, form relationships, and manage their feelings and behavior. School-based professionals working with traumatized students are often unaware of their complex needs or how to meet them within the hours of the typical school day. The second edition of Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students is a comprehensive guide for understanding and assisting students with a history of trauma. Designed specifically for professionals in mental health and education settings, this volume combines content and expertise from practitioners, researchers, and other experts with backgrounds in education, school psychology, school social work, school administration, resilience, school policy, and trauma. The book provides a thorough background on current research in trauma and its impact on school functioning; administrative and policy considerations; and a broad set of practical and implementable strategies and resources for adapting and differentiating instruction, modifying the classroom and school environments, and building competency for students and staff. New chapters address topics such as post-traumatic growth, interpersonal violence, and trauma screening and assessment among others. Educators can continue to use this updated edition as a reference and ongoing resource, with the ability to quickly and easily access a variety of school-based strategies to help improve educational and social outcomes for traumatized students.


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