Student Self-Assessment as a Process for Learning

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Covering both higher education and school education, this book contributes to the field of assessment by providing a systematic account of student self-assessment based on a consistent conceptualisation. Yan advocates viewing self-assessment as an active and reflective process and using it as a learning strategy rather than an assessment method. He builds on a newly-developed self-assessment model adopting a process perspective and synthesises a series of interrelated empirical investigations into the whole “chain” of student self-assessment research. The research encompassed in the volume spans from self-assessment practices and measurement, through predictors of self-assessment, its interweaved relationship with self-regulated learning and feedback literacy, impact on student learning outcomes, to designing sustainable self-assessment interventions. The empirical evidence is from a wide range of current scholarship to ensure that the principles and implications conveyed are applicable internationally. Policymakers, students and scholars in educational assessment, educational psychology, and teaching and instruction will find the theoretical explorations and empirical investigations contained within useful, to show how student self-assessment could be better conceptualised, researched, and practised.


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