Sphero Activity Mat 2 – Maze mat

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The Sphero Activity Mat 2 is aimed at students aged 8 to 16+ and really pushes their ability and knowledge in problem solving, computational thinking and mathematical concepts.
There are 4 complex mazes that are reversible which means that there are 8 activities on the mat. 4 groups of 2 pupils can work on the mat at any one time, each with a SPRK+. Students should place the SPRK+ at ‘Start Here’ at the beginning of each maze and program it to move to the centre of the mat. Students can extend the challenges by programming the SPRK+ from the centre of the mat back to the beginning of each maze. Students should use a Blocks or Text project in the Sphero Edu app.
Check out edu.sphero.com for a lesson plan for use with Sphero Activity Mat 2.


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