A Student’s Guide to Online Learning: Finding Success in Digital Study

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“This book is a treasure-trove of ideas, practical tips, and thoroughly sensible advice!” Dr Cora Beth Fraser, Associate Lecturer and Honorary Research Associate with The Open University “An essential guide for anyone considering online learning – whether wholly online or through blended learning.” Natacha Harding, University of Winchester, UK “Gina May and Tim Bentley have written a must-read guide for anyone who is considering studying online.” Yolanda De Iuliis, Student Support Worker, The Open University, researcher and host of podcast ‘Conversations About Mithras’ Online learning skills differ from those needed for face-to-face learning. A Student’s Guide to Online Learning teaches you how to develop those skills through a range of advice, examples and practical exercises whether you are undertaking distance, wholly online or blended learning. Many students experience difficulties when dealing with the differences between learning in the traditional and digital environments. A key component of the successful completion of any online or blended course is confidence and enjoyment, this book enables you to have both. This book covers all you need to know for your online course, including: •How to develop an academic online persona •How to communicate in synchronous and asynchronous situations including tutorials and forums •Tips on confidently networking behind the computer screen •Advice on qualifications, career paths and employability skills Written by experienced academics who act as mentors throughout, A Student’s Guide to Online Learning is an accessibly written, comprehensive, one-stop guide for students at all levels who are learning online in any capacity. Gina May is an Independent Course Provider; Associate Lecturer at the Open University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with a particular interest in online teaching and learning. Tim Bentley is an NHS Paramedic and Paramedic Educator responsible for mentoring student paramedics in their clinical education. He has a particular interest in and has championed and implemented Virtual Learning Environments and web services.


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