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A group of urbex explorers breaking into the world’s tallest skyscraper in Moscow grapple with dangers from all sides in this pulse-pounding cinematic thriller for readers of Gregg Hurwitz and Patrick Hoffman. Michael Foster, Cam Buckley and Maddie Acosta-all former activists in the infamous Les Furies urbex crew. Outlaw athletes and political pranksters-together they scaled impossible buildings and slipped into the spaces no one else could, chasing a rush that still calls them long after they broke up. Now, Michael grinds it out coding for a dead-end start-up, recovering from a near-fatal injury. But Les Furies are a force of nature. When he learns that Cam and Maddie are reuniting the crew for one last mission, he is both skeptical and angry. But conquering the world’s tallest building, the Korova Tower in Moscow, on Russia Day, is simply too irresistible. However, Michael soon discovers that the ‘vertical city’ has a far more sinister purpose than Les Furies could ever imagine. Threatened by mounting catastrophes, ruthless security teams, and with simmering internal rivalries coming to a boil, this crew’s one final stunt might well be the last thing any of them ever do.


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