Travelers – Season 2 (3 disc) (Import)

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All 12 episodes from the second season of the sci-fi television drama in which a group of individuals from the future invent a means of travelling back in time through a person’s mind. Hundreds of years from the present day, human life is nearing extinction and time is running out for those that remain. Determined to put things right and prevent a multitude of disasters, they travel back to the 21st century and take over another person’s conscious thought to physically embody their lives and quietly carry out tasks that will ensure the survival of the human race. In this season, David (Patrick Gilmore) must seek help for trauma, Philip (Reilly Dolman) must manage his addictions and silence from the Director creates uncertainty. The episodes are: ‘Ave Machina’, ‘Protocol 4’, ‘Jacob’, ‘11.27’, ‘Jenny’, ‘U235′, ’17 Minutes’, ‘Traveler 0027’, ‘Update’, ’21C’, ‘Simon’ and ‘001’.


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