The Rider’s Balance

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“This is a much needed book on the Weight Aids which should be close to the heart of all who teach and coach riding.” – Patrick Print OBE FBHS This book is designed for all riders from the very novice to the most advanced. Sylvia Loch teaches through illustrations and photos how each tiny shift of the riders weight will affect the horses balance. The weight aids are generally taught only to higher level students especially those learning the more advanced skills. Yet, by including them from the beginning, novice riders will develop a much greater understanding of their own bodies and abilities and those of the horse from day one. In Sylvia’s words…: The time has surely come to show all riders how their body-weight impacts on the horse for good or bad. Feel and balance should govern the whole ethos of equitation. In this book, I show through pictures how the giving of the aids can transform the horse in each and every movement so that our communication with this wonderful animal takes us to new levels of understanding and empathy. The Rider’s Balance is well written and easy to understand, and is yet another classic riding book from one of Britain’s leading classical riding advocates, Sylvia Loch.


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