The Holiday Handbook

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Are you tired of the same old activities for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine s Day? Do you have trouble finding activities for Grandparent s Day, May Day, Earth Day, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, or Ramadan? Here, you get countless activities for 33 holidays, saving you from scouring through hundreds of books and activities trying to find appropriate material. Each chapter contains a small history of the holiday, an annotated collection of the perfect books, poems, and activities (such as colouring pages, cut-and-tell pages, draw-and-tell stories, flannel board stories, and games). Loads of finger plays included in each chapter make this book more than a guide to finding storytimes. Songs and crafts will bring life and variation to your holiday programming. This one-stop compilation is easy to use and very inclusive. But the best part is the amazing amount of resources! You get over 700 activities, and at least 2 crafts and 2 cut-out drawings for each chapter. If you want story time to be amazing, this compendium has everything you need to serve your users instead of reinventing the wheel every year.


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