The Flying Inn

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When the government cracks down on alcohol sales, two men decide to leave their small fishing village to avoid the law and find new opportunities. The Flying Inn is an irreverent satire that delivers a unique commentary on power and politics. Humphrey Pump, also known as “Hump,” is a bar owner whose business is undercut by strict alcohol regulations. Adult beverages can only be sold when a pub sign in present. But instead of adhering to the rules, he hits the road with a sign and barrel of rum in tow. Pump is joined by Patrick Dalroy, an entertaining companion, who is just as committed to his wandering way of life. Despite their attempts to escape police, the rogue partners are eventually roped into a much larger plot. The Flying Inn is a daring piece of speculative fiction that uses satire to balance its more serious elements. Published in 1914, the story is greatly influence by the social and political concepts of its day. This gives readers insight into the many fears surrounding early twentieth century government. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Flying Inn is both modern and readable.


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