The Eight Reindeer of the Apocalypse

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Welcome to Dawson, Ahriman & Dawson!* The team of commercial sorcerers at Dawson, Ahriman & Dawson can help with any metaphysical engineering project, large or small. (Though by definition, they all tend to be pretty large.) They can also create massive great puddles of chaos that might one day swallow up the entire universe. Take, for example, the decision to recruit a certain bearded fellow whose previous work experience mainly involves reindeer and jingle bells. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but is he really the best person to save the world from Tiamat the Destroyer? Find out today in Tom Holt’s brilliantly funny new novel set in the world of The Portable Door (now a delightful movie starring Patrick Gibson, Sophie Wilde, and Christoph Waltz). * By reading beyond this point you agree to comply with certain terms and conditions that are mostly reasonable but confidential. Dawson, Ahriman & Dawson management reserves the right to terminate any employees or clients, human or otherwise.


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