Patrol to the Golden Horn

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Nicholas Everard is ready to run the gauntlet in his most dangerous mission yet… The menacing bulk of the German battlecruiser Goeben lurks in the Golden Horn of Constantinople. It is vital that she is destroyed, and the plan is to send an E-class submarine in through the Dardanelles to sink her unawares. But it has been two years since an Allied submarine passed through the narrow straits successfully, littered as they are with minefields, nets and depth charges dropped by the gunboats endlessly patrolling above. To send a crew in now would be a death sentence, but sparing the Goeben is unthinkable. Enter Nick Everard . An unputdownable story of the final days of WWI, perfect for fans of Douglas Reeman and Patrick O’Brian. Praise for Alexander Fullerton ‘The most meticulously researched war novels that I have ever read’ Len Deighton


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