Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men

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The title, the terrorist and the punch-drunk pugilist. Fat Boy McMaster is a hopeless heavyweight boxer, who has somehow managed to become champion of Ireland. His devious manager succeeds in setting up a gigantic payday (largely for himself, admittedly) – a St Patrick’s Day fight in New York against Mike Tyson – and he wants journalist Dan Starkey to write a book on it. Starkey’s as yet unsuccessful efforts to persuade wife Patricia to give their marriage another try are put on hold, and he boards a plane to the Big Apple with McMaster and his deeply suspect entourage. Once there McMaster’s wife is kidnapped, almost every interest group is outraged, the Champ is chased all over town by gunmen of varying allegiance, Starkey’s marriage is saved – and there’s the Big Fight to consider too…


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