Max Meow, Cat Crusader Book 2

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Funny, furry and fantastic –Judd Winick, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Hilo series Calling all GRAPHIC NOVEL FANS Do you like DONUTS? Do you crave DANGER? Then Max Meow-the graphic novel series with CAT-ITUDE–is PURR-fect for you Just right for fans of Dogman, Bad Guys, Hilo and anyone who LOVES TO LAUGH Meowza Max was just getting used to being a SECRET SUPER HERO when his and his best friend Mindy’s evil look-alikes show up in Kittyopolis And what’s worse, they’re determined to take over the world’s donut supply–and Max and Mindy are getting blamed Can Max and Mindy work together to save the day–and the donuts? Find out in Max Meow Cat Crusader Book 2: Donuts and Danger A deliciously funny, action-packed new series that’s so good you’ll want seconds Bonus Includes How to Draw Mindy AND Max Meow’s SECRET Donut Scavenger hunt er with glee BONUS: Includes how to draw Max Meow Max Meow is good-hearted fun –Kazu Kibuishi, creator of Amulet Max Meow’s super heroics will have kids meow-ling with laughter –John Patrick Green, creator of the InvestiGators series A heaping helping of candy colored fun –Ben Hatke, creator of the Zita the Spacegirl and Mighty Jack series Cats and kittens alike will be thrilled to finally have a hero they can look up to. –Mike Maihack, creator of Cleopatra in Space series Meowza Let’s hear it for the coolest new cat crusader, Max –Jennifer & Matthew Holm, co-creators of the Babymouse series Max Meow is sure to save any young reader’s day with super-laughs on every page –Norm Feuti, syndicated cartoonist and creator of the Hello, Hedgehog series


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