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This volume of Frontiers of Engineering presents papers on the topics covered at the National Academy of Engineering’s 2019 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, hosted by Boeing in North Charleston, South Carolina, September 25-27. At the annual 2 1/2-day event, 100 of this country’s best and brightest early-career engineers – from academia, industry, and government and a variety of engineering disciplines – learn from their peers about pioneering work in different areas of engineering. Frontiers of Engineering conveys the excitement of this unique meeting and highlights innovative developments in engineering research and technical work. Table of Contents Front Matter ADVANCED MANUFACTURING IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Advanced Manufacturing in the Age of Digital Transformation – Li Chang and Tarik Dickens Computational Materials for the Design and Qualification of Additively Manufactured Components – Christapher G. Lang Robots That Walk: What the Challenge of Locomotion Says About Next-Generation Manufacturing – Christian Hubicki The Digital Twin Concept – Pamela A. Kobryn ENGINEERING THE GENOME Engineering the Genome – Charles Gersbach and Renee Wegrzyn Genome Editing with Precision and Accuracy – Krishanu Saha Using CRISPR to Combat Human Disease Vectors – Omar S. Akbari Microbes and Manufacturing: Moore’s Law Meets Biology – Patrick Boyle Empowering Genome Editing Through Standards – Samantha Maragh SELF-DRIVING CARS: TECHNOLOGY AND ETHICS Self-Driving Cars: Technology and Ethics – Christoffer Heckman and Hae-Jong Seo Perceptions of Low-Cost Autonomous Driving – Tae Eun Choe, Xiaoshu Liu, Guang Chen, Weide Zhang, Yuliang Guo, and Ka Wai Tsoi Why Everyone Has It Wrong About the Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles – John Basl and Jeff Behrends Influencing Interactions Between Human Drivers and Autonomous Vehicles – Dorsa Sadigh BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY Blockchain Technology – Petr Novotny and Elaine Shi Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: An Overview – Hong Wan Cryptocurrencies as Marketplaces – Jacob Leshno APPENDIXES Contributors Participants Program


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