Fight Club

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First there was the insomnia. Then there were the support groups that helped him sleep. Then Marla Singer turned up, muscled in on ascending bowel cancer and ruined everything. Then he met Tyler Durden. Then came Fight Club. Mild mannered product recall specialist by day, tortured insomniac by night, our narrator is a discontented white-collar drone who longs to escape his everyday reality. Together with Tyler Durden – part-time projectionist, banquet waiter, soap-maker and anarchic genius – he creates Fight Club, where he and men like him can get away from their work-dominated, consumer-driven, image-obsessed lives. Soon there are fight clubs in basement bars across the country; men with cuts, bruises, stitches and missing teeth wherever you look. Tyler Durden has become an urban legend – but when he invents Project Mayhem, things begin to escalate. There’s only one thing to do: shut down Fight Club. But have they created a monster they can’t control? This full-cast BBC radio dramatisation of Chuck Palahniuk’s visceral, unflinching novel stars Patrick Kennedy as the Narrator, Sam Hazeldine as Tyler and Elaine Cassidy as Marla. Cast: The Narrator… Patrick Kennedy Tyler Durden… Sam Hazeldine Marla Singer… Elaine Cassidy Big Bob… Martin Sherman Doctor/Boss… Nigel Whitmey Recruit One… Danny Mahoney Mechanic… John Schwab Ted… Sam Dale Glenda… Jane Slavin Chloe… Ayesha Antoine Dramatised by Tracey Malone and Ed Whitmore Produced by Heather Larmour Duration: 1 hour approx.


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