Dakota (Import)

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Abbie Cornish, Lola Sultan and Tim Rozon star in this family drama from director Kirk Harris. Alex (Sultan) lives on the family farm with her mother Kate (Cornish) and her father Clay (Jonathan Silvestri) who is in the army. When Sergeant CJ Malcolm (Rozon) shows up at the farm to deliver the news to Kate that her husband won’t be coming home, he brings with him Clay’s dog Dakota whom he promised he would return home in the event of Clay’s death. Although reluctant to take in the dog at first, Kate and Alex soon form a special bond with Dakota, feeling closer to Clay with every day they get to know her. When local Sheriff Danforth (Patrick Muldoon) learns of Clay’s death, he jumps at the chance to get Kate to sell the farm, which is, in Danforth’s mind, taking up valuable land. What he doesn’t know however, is that he’ll have to get past Dakota first…


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