Beyond the Hero’s Journey

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Telling a story is simple, right? You take a ‘hero’ and send them on a ‘journey’. There’s a beginning, middle and an end. But what if your story doesn’t fit into that basic structure? In Beyond the Hero’s Journey , BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Anthony Mullins champions one of the most powerful, yet most misunderstood, tools in a writer’s toolkit – character arcs. Looking at celebrated films from around the world – including Moonlight, Lady Bird, The Social Network, The Godfather, A Fantastic Woman, Mulholland Drive, Shoplifters, Amour, Inside Llewyn Davis, Call Me By Your Name, Midsommar and The Father – he shows how character arcs not only create the ’emotional shape’ of a story, but also offer writers of all levels an incredible variety of narratives that go far beyond the traditional, three-act Hero’s Journey. For every writer who has ever felt frustrated by the neat confines of ‘how to’ guides, the book will teach you how to excel in telling more complex, original and authentic stories, and how to share your own distinctive voice with the world.


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