The Careers Leader Handbook

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The importance of delivering good careers education and guidance in schools and colleges has never been greater . Statutory guidance sets out the requirement for every school to have a named careers leader . They are expected to lead, manage and co-ordinate the school’s careers programme, across all eight Gatsby Benchmarks . This is a big job and it is often one that people will begin with little training or experience. Drawing on over 30 years’ experience of careers work, David Andrews and Tristram Hooley provide you with everything that you need to know to lead effectively and develop your role and expertise. Updated throughout to reflect changes in policy and education, the second edition continues to offer practical advice and ideas for planning, developing and maintaining an excellent careers programme. Highlighting the latest resources and support available, it also gives you plentiful tools – both in the book and in additional online materials – to help you become an outstanding careers leader. Whether you are already a careers leader, about to become one, or are involved in the training of future careers leaders, this is the book for you!


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