Tales of the Jazz Age

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Fitzgerald’s second collection of short stories, Tales of the Jazz Age (1922), includes two masterpieces – ‘May Day’ and ‘The Diamond as Big as the Ritz’ – as well as other stories from his earlier career. Tales of the Jazz Age and Other Stories reproduces Tales of the Jazz Age in full, along with several uncollected stories from the early 1920s, including ‘Dice, Brassknuckles and Guitar’, a 1923 narrative which closely anticipates the themes and characters of The Great Gatsby. In his introduction James L. W. West III offers an account of the textual history of the stories, reconstructs Fitzgerald’s decisions about which stories to include and exclude, and examines reproductions of surviving manuscripts and typescripts. He supplies a full record of variants, tracing Fitzgerald’s extensive revisions to the stories, and he provides detailed historical notes, references and glosses.


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