Vegas Games – Gameboy Color (begagnad)

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Begagnat Gameboy Color spel Komplett med box och manual Las Vegas is Americas playground, as well as the setting for the umpteenth tycoon game to come our way in Vegas Tycoon. Developed by the same folks responsible for 2001s impressive Monopoly Tycoon, Vegas Tycoon could very well be the quintessential casino-building game, not to mention one of the better tycoon games overall. It has a lot of things going for it, including beautiful graphics, oodles of detail, and lots of depth. Sadly, its a game that doesnt quite hit the million-dollar jackpot due to some cumbersome gameplay, an unusually and often frustratingly high level of difficulty, and interface issues. These things dont keep Vegas Tycoon from being a good, solid game, though.


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