The Best Ever Work Produced on Black Jack

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The title says it all. But to provide some background you need to know that Casino gaming is growing exponentially today. And it’s not Roulette, Baccarat or the traditional games that are being played. It is Poker and the even more popular Blackjack that are the big attractions. It’s a numbers game and its mathematics are at the root of winning. So statistics and probability are in the weave of the text and exciting to the number nuts among us. This title includes such contents as: Mathematics – Gaming and Blackjack; Advantage Components; Expert Conclusions – Thorpe, Scarne, Arnold and Others; The Best Strategy; Two-card Combinations: from the 52 card deck – 1326 hands; Mathematical Distribution – Expectations of dealer and player over 100,000 hands each; For Dealer and Player – The expected games analysis, every option analysed; Advanced Staking; Probability Theory – The misleading fallacy; The Dealer’s Face-up – And all it portends; Comprehensive Tables – Cover every situation; and, Destroying the Fallacies – Hole-card cheating – The card counter.


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