Super Collapse 3 – Sony PSP (begagnad)

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Begagnat Sony PSP spel Komplett med box och manual Super Collapse is back again – and you wont believe the fun! The third installment of this highly addictive series holds more action and surprise than ever before. Adventure awaits as you explore 10 fun and unique lands in our all-new Quest mode. Earn coins along the way to purchase strategic items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your luck at one of 10 mini-games in the Casino. And for the true Collapse aficionado, new variations and classic favorites in our Quick Play mode deliver endless, back-to-back challenges! Whether youre already a fan of Collapse or new to the frenzied fun, once you start clicking you wont be able to stop! * Unlimited Play * Play the Quest or spend your time in the Quick Play area * 3 New and Exciting Modes! * 7 Total Collapse Modes * 10 Unique Mini-Games * 140 Brand New Puzzles * Explore the Secrets of Collapse World * Fun for any skill level


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