Sporting Chancer

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Ed Hawkins grew up around gambling. Instead of going to school, he followed his father, a horseracing journalist, around the courses of the UK. From an early age he learnt that bookies never give anything away. So when he lost a misguided gamble on his career, he doubled up on reflex – deciding to wager his way around the globe. Initially gambling his way across Australia, he meets triumph and disaster at one of the world’s biggest casinos with witty self-deprecation. He embarrasses himself playing poker with Hollywood’s finest at the World Series in Las Vegas, challenges world champion Phil Taylor to a game of darts, fights roosters with Britney Spears’ babysitter and fleeces pensioners on planes. Hawkins tries anything to stay afloat, ending up in a Glasgow bingo hall hoping to land the same long odds that stare back at him from the mirror, having been diagnosed with a rare illness.


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