Skate Attack – Playstation 2 (begagnad)

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Begagnat Playstation 2 spel Komplett med box och manual From the outset you are given the choice of two characters Ching and Jalice (more are unlocked as you progress), with the unselected one ending up as an unfortunate kidnap victim of Virus (oddly, heâs a casino mascot and an escapee from an advertising board). Itâs with little surprise that your mission involves you trying to get your buddy back by completing various challenges set up by Virusâ robotic referees. Use your boarding talent, zipping between hover cars, grinding rails and pulling sick trick combos! Its a tough assignment but youve got the moves and the weapons you need. With over 30 single lip, grind, kick, manual and grind tricks and any number of combinations you can deliver the moves needed to win the day. If this isnt enough you can laser-tag onto the flying robotic Drones that populate the city and take them for a ride or drive them into your enemies for total destruction. The fighting is simplistic, and involves you taking on Virusâ minions by bouncing on top of them. The laser-tagging is meanwhile an enjoyable way to journey around the environments, as you can use your laser to jump to any vehicle and take a cheeky ride on top of a taxi


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