Love and Theft

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‘Thrilling.’ New York Times Book Review ‘Pure pleasure’ Sunday Times ‘A dark jewel’ A. J. Finn ‘Electrifying’ Robert Crais ‘The thriller we’ve all been waiting for’ Lincoln Child What price would you put on a second chance? When Alex Cassidy and Diane Alison meet by chance at a party in Princeton, New Jersey, there are instant sparks. Both are single parents living in wealthy suburbia, independent, highly competent and seemingly settled in their lives. She runs a successful catering business. He’s part of a crew that robs banks, casinos and jewellery stores around the world. Neither realises initially that their lives have overlapped before, or that their shared history and burgeoning relationship will come to threaten everything they love. As Alex prepares for one final, daunting job, he discovers that he’s not the only one with secrets – and that both of them are playing for the highest stakes imaginable. What readers are saying: ‘Full of adrenaline and glamour. It’s basically a blockbuster action movie in book form . . . this novel will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire wild ride.’ ‘It’s wildly entertaining, thrilling, and kept me second guessing through the end.’ ‘A highly bingeable read. I have never before cheered so hard for a positive outcome for a group of criminals in fiction.’ ‘I nearly gave myself paper cuts flying through Parish’s exhilarating thrill ride.’ ‘This is a fast-moving, machine-gun of a book, a “one last job” and heist novel and unlikely love story all rolled into one.’


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