Little Something for Your Birthday (Import)

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Senna Berges (Sharon Stone – Casino), a struggling clothing designer who hasn’t quite found herself has given up on finding her soulmate. Despite attempts, by her best friend (Famke Janssen – X-Men) and overbearing mother (Ellen Bursytn – Exorcist), to get her to settle down and pursue her passion of fashion design, Senna continues down a path of irresponsible behaviour, lost jobs, and casual hook-ups with younger men. All seems to be spiralling out of control for Senna until her 46th birthday party, where she meets her match Adam (Tony Goldwyn – Belko Experiment), a handsome lawyer. Expecting never to meet again, the two serendipitously reunite at her 47th birthday party where Senna’s life begins to flourish into something beautiful.


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