Golden Compass – Playstation 2 (begagnad)

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Begagnat Playstation 2 spel Komplett med box och manual The film adaptation of THE GOLD COMPASS is New Line Cinemas biggest project since the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The star-studded cast includes Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (Casino Royale). Just in time for the film premiere, SEGA together with Shiny entertainment is releasing the game Gudlkompassen which is based on the film. In the game, you can choose to either play as Lyra or her daemon PAN or as the polar bear Lorek as you set out to rescue your friend Roger and Lord Asirel. Experience the mystery and adventure of the movie in the game. True to the movie. The official video game of The Golden Compass from New Line Cinema – the studio behind The Lord of the Rings trilogy – comes to life Christmas 2007. Play as the heroes from the film. Embark on a journey into the frozen north as rebellious and headstrong heroine Lyra, who uses her cunning to evade enemies. Or charge forward as her powerful friend and protector, Iorek – a giant armored polar bear able to overcome any obstacle with his brute strength. Explore a parallel universe. Immerse yourself in the world of The Golden Compass movie and discover the majestic grandeur of Jordan College, the hustle and bustle of port town Trollesund, or the dark and foreboding research station at Bolvangar. Go beyond the movie with two areas from the His Dark Materials universe exclusive to the game. Discover a powerful bond greater than friendship. Experience the collaborative bond between Lyra and her unique animal-companion, Pan, who has the ability to morph into a variety of different creatures to help Lyra solve puzzles and navigate obstacles throughout her perilous journey. The Golden Compass will lead the way. Use the truth-telling Golden Compass to solve in-game puzzles and unlock bonus content, allowing you to explore the worlds as seen in the movie. Use quick wit to discover and evade. Participate in a variety of themed mini-games to help Lyra gain further information about her journey and avoid confrontation with those that mean her harm.


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