Cat’s Eye (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray) (Import)

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From the macabre imagination of Stephen King (the bestselling author of Firestarter, The Shining & Carrie) comes this newly restored trio of thrilling tales linked by a stray cat that roams from one story to the next in search of a girl he must protect. In ‘Quitters Inc.’, a New York family man (James Woods) is encouraged to give up cigarettes with the help of a shady self-help operation, who outline a litany of increasingly severe penalties for his loved ones if he cannot resist temptation. ‘The Ledge’ features a casino owner (Kenneth McMillan) who kidnaps and forces Johnny Norris (Robert Hays) into a dangerous wager for having an affair with his wife. If he can traverse the exterior ledge of the mobster’s penthouse then he can leave safely. But if Norris refuses then grave consequences await. Finally, a young girl (Drew Barrymore) has difficulty sleeping. Though her parents suspect the new family cat of wrongdoing, the girl knows better after she sees a horrifying troll emerging from her bedroom wall… Extras: NEW Interview with Director Lewis Teague Audio Commentary with Director Lewis Teague Johnny Norris on the Edge: Robert Hays Remembers Cat’s Eye “Like Herding Cats”: A Conversation with Animal Trainer Teresa Ann Miller The original theatrical trailer for the Cat’s Eye release in cinemas


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