5 Against the House (Blu-ray) (Import)

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“Guy Madison (The Beast of Hollow Mountain) and Kim Novak (Pushover) head an all-star cast in the film noir caper 5 Against the House, briskly directed by Phil Karlson (Scandal Sheet). A group of college students join with Novak’s nightclub singer to rob Reno’s famous Harold’s Casino. As technical mastermind Ronnie (Kerwin Matthews, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) analyses the high-tech security system, traumatised war veteran Brick (Brian Keith, Tight Spot) threatens blow the whole plan apart. A classic of the heist genre, 5 Against the House was an influence on Ocean’s 11 and Martin Scorsese’s Casino, and forced the real-life Harry’s to change the design of its security systems for fear of copycat robbery attempts.” Extras “INDICATOR STANDARD EDITION SPECIAL FEATURES High Definition presentation Original mono audio Audio commentary with film critic David Jenkins (2020) The Guardian Interview with Kim Novak (1997, 67 mins): archival video recording of the celebrated actor in conversation with David Robinson at the National Film Theatre, London Sweet and Hot (1958, 17 mins): comedy starring the Three Stooges, in which the trio team up with a female singer in the hope of finding fame and fortune in the big city Original theatrical trailer Image gallery: publicity and promotional material New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing”


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